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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Signs a Man Is in Love

I read this article and i want to shear it with u.
By: Joe Rector
Few things affect a man more than falling in love. People often say they can see the signs a man is in love--or the symptoms of his affliction. What's most evident is the complete change that comes over the male as his heart is given to the woman he adores.
A man in love becomes a softer version of his former self. Once rough around the edges, this man discovers his sensitive side. He now enjoys laughing children, beautiful sunsets and "chick flicks." He can be seen wiping a tear from the corner of his eye as he watches those films about a couple in love and their rollercoaster ride toward eternal bliss. He loses his penchant for arguing and fighting. In fact, the love-struck man begins to care what others think about him and his actions because he wants to make the best impression upon his newly found love. His goal is to be pleasing to her.
Another sign that a man has fallen in love concerns his friends. At one time, "his boys" sat at the center of his universe. Times spent with them dictated his daily schedule. Once this man is overpowered by love's influences, he turns his back on those men with whom he's made so many memories, most of which are disgusting to his lady. Weekly get-togethers with the guys are replaced with staying home, cuddling on the couch, or, God forbid, shopping with his girlfriend. The longer the relationship lasts, he finds less time to spend with his friends in any setting.
Nothing more clearly points to a man's falling in love than the change in his decision-making. At one time, this "manly man" could take a trip to the mall, enter a store, find an item, and return home in a matter of minutes. After he has fallen for a woman, the guy can't go anywhere without her. He looks to her for help in choosing the right item to buy. Before meeting this woman, the man could get dressed for an event in about five minutes. Now that he's in love, the guy can't select an outfit without her help. A man in love suffers from a loss of thinking ability or confidence to the point that he turns over decisions to his soul mate.
In general, for men, falling in love is characterized by signs of their total change in every area of life.

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