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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Is Love a Choice ?

Is Love a Choice?, whatever we think about is still just a decision. You decide to love when you meet a person who you interact with like you have known them all of your life. You can decide to love or you can not to love because love is a choice. You choose to love and the other person do not have to necessarily have to return that love. That is why it is so important to choose to love instead of using hocus pocus and being so much in love that you are in love with the emotion and not the person.
When you choose to love, you are using the emotion of compatibility with another person who you have decided have everything you want in a person and can bring everything that you want in a relationship. The choice is yours to be the best you can be and make the choice to present your best. You should present your best because you want to have a reciprocal relationship where he will choose to love you also. He must choose to love you to make the relationship to work and to be trustworthy in his selection of you as his lover and you to him.
Sounds simple enough. You choose to love him and he chooses to love you. But more often than not one of your will love the other more and that is alright because there is no measurement to make the balance of emotions equal. The woman will most likely love more because it is her nature to belong to someone and to be a part of a relationship. The woman will work harder to keep the relationship together because she knows that love is a choice to have a strong emotion for another and men are just not geared to having a relationship.
However, once a man find "the one" and chooses to love her, he will undoubtedly not let go of the relationship by choosing to act in a behavior that would cause his lover to leave him for another. Love is a choice and because of that, you have the freedom to fall out of love as well. But who would want to fall out of happiness if they chose after weighing the alternatives that are out there and have settled on the one person in their life who have everything that they have longed for up until this time. Happiness is enjoyed when both people in the relationship chooses to love each other and to forsake all others who are out there trying to make a good thing to go bad. If the two are bonded in this choice to love with strong emotions and trust, the relationship will endure all of the distractions.
So, love is a choice...