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Thursday, February 24, 2011

With love

Energy of love

Love is the energy that has created the Universe and all that is within it. Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe!
There is an organic Love that speaks to everyone, if only we would hear. Wherever there is Love there is peace, joy, fulfillment, trust, and abundance.The giving and receiving of Love opens the door to greater understanding and acceptance.Without Love there is chaos, hate, anger, and fear. This is why some negative things are the way they are in our world. There needs to be more giving and receiving of Love there.Love has a consciousness of its own. It cannot be contained or defined by words. And, even though we often try to do so, Love cannot be labeled as a certain thing.There is nothing that you cannot do with Love. However, the things you do with Love can only be positive and for the highest benefit of all.
Love is the nutrition of the Universe and everything in it, including ourselves. With Love all things are possible. The Energy of Love is the only thing you need to solve any problem you may have.Love can be sent to any place you plan to go. . . a meeting, a party, an interview, wherever! Send Love there prior your being there and notice the positive difference it makes.You can send Love to another person. The Love you send will affect that person in whatever way is best for them, no matter what you do.Love can also be sent to pets, plants. . . to anything anywhere and to any situation!
You can send Love into the food you are preparing, or right before eating it. Love is absorbed by the food, increasing the life energy and improving the taste.The food you have filled with Love is absorbed by cells in your body and has a lot of positive energy and healing properties.Your thoughts, words and actions are directly associated with the amount of Love you have in your life. When you are surrounded by Love you tend to feel happier, more confident, more secure.The vibrational Energy of Love is very magnetic. The more you love and accept yourself as you are, the more you attract love from others. You will manifest loving, empowering and abundant situations in your life.Fill yourself with Love to the point where you become radiant with the Energy of Love. This raises your energy vibration. As a result, people and animals will be attracted to you and will try to be near you.
Love heals and brings peace, joy, compassion, abundance, contentment to everything and everyone.You have an endless supply of Love. You cannot exhaust the Love in the Universe even if you were to absorb it from now into eternity.Feel what Love is like in your heart and body, and let Love guide you. Respond to all situations with Love. Live each moment in the magic of the Energy of Love.
Love is the glue that holds the Universe and all that is within it together. There is nothing but Love. The Love you want is in you, now.
All this, and more, is the. . . Energy of Love!